Monday, October 17, 2005

Sadness/ Disappointment

I wonder where to begin..but somehow I just have to start writing. Its good in the way to improve my English as well as to create a space for reflections and a storage space for all the memories.

Hatred..Disappointment..Sadness..these are the negative feelings that we often encountered in life. How to overcome them? Can we be rational to really find out the reason behind just " feeling". Most of the time, its always caused by someone... to work for your boss when he disliked you, he don't appreciate your work, he has strong prejudiced against you. But yet you still got to report to work everyday and pretend that you love your job and the company! Should you resign and look for another job? should you continue and stay put till you get a better offer? It's a tough decision that got to be make.

I wonder what is J decision? to quit or to stay? worst still when his mum told him fortune teller predicted that he do not have "yuan fen" with his seems quite true! somehow over the past few work experience he always quit because of his bosses. They disliked him for no specific reasons. There's no reason because he's always so committed to work.

I wonder what to say to him. My only advise is:-

Make yourself more marketable and valuable so that opportunites will be everywhere!